Policeman Calms Down Child With Autism At Hospital

  The Malta Police Force page on Facebook posted about a wholesome moment between a Maltese policeman and a child with autism!   They shared a message that was sent to them by a person that was in the room when the moment happened. Read the message below:     The message read that last […]

WATCH: Child With Autism And Hyperlexia Can Write In Different Fonts

  The heart-warming story of this boy’s incredible talent to easily write in different fonts has gone viral!         @litttle.einstein 5 year old writing fonts with chalk.#autismawareness #hyperlexia #chalkart #fonts ♬ original sound – Sebastian   Although 5-year-old Sebastian has Autism and Hyperlexia, this has not stopped him from being able to […]

Some Facts About Autism On World Autism Awareness Day

  Today the world is celebrating Autism Awareness Day!   Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) otherwise known as Autism refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication.   On this day we decided to gather some interesting facts on Autism to raise more awareness.   Fact […]

WATCH: Post Malone Has Heartfelt Moment With Fan

  We need more people like you Post Malone!     Post Malone is quite known for being a very nice guy. In fact. one can find YouTube compilations titled as: Post Malone being a good guy for 6 minutes straight, Top 10 Times Post Malone Was Awesome and Post Malone is the NICEST Person […]

Mdina Lights Up Blue on the Occasion of World Autism Month

  At the start of World Autism Month, The Marigold Foundation, joins the rest of the international Autism community to mark World Autism Month by symbolically lighting up blue one of the highest points in Malta and certainly one of the most iconic, the Mdina Bastions. This year’s “lighting up” event has an even deeper […]