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Albania Considered As The European Maldives

Albania European Maldives

  Southeastern Europe’s Albania is a stunning and historically significant nation.     This idyllic country, which borders Greece and Italy, is well-known for its ancient monuments, majestic castles, and unspoiled beaches.   With their spectacular views and glistening, crystalline sea, Albanian beaches are absolutely gorgeous.     In fact, people are now comparing this […]

‘Restaurant Bear’ Set Free After 20 Years Of Captivity

Historically “restaurant bears” are bears which were kept in small cages close to restaurants or hotels in order to attract tourists and onlookers.     The last ‘restaurant bear’ in Albania is a brown bear named Mark, who is 24 years old was saved last week, and on Friday he made it to his new […]

Dua Lipa Officially Gets Albanian Citizenship

dua lipa albanian

New Rules? More like new citizenship 🤩   The British pop diva Dua Lipa, who is of Albanian descent, has been given citizenship by Albania’s president in recognition of her contribution to the internationalization of Albanian reputation through music, according to the president of Albania.     View this post on Instagram   A post […]

Top Under-The-Radar Summer Holiday Location


  Looking for your next beautiful touristic hotspot? Albania is the country for you!   People are starting to obsess over this under-the-radar country – and judging by the crystal blue beaches, we can definitely see why.     Albania is situated between Montenegro and Greece overlooking the Adriatic Sea.   Here’s why Albania should […]