WATCH: “More Than a Quarter of a Million Swab Tests Have Been Carried Out” – DPM Chris Fearne


Touring one of the COVID-19 Swab Centres, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne has announced that Malta has now surpassed the quarter-of-a-million mark, when it comes to the swab tests which have been carried out.


Illum maqbuża l-kwart ta’ miljun swab test. Malta 🇲🇹 l-ħames pajjiż fid-dinja bl-akbar ammont ta’ swab tests.

Publiée par Chris Fearne sur Lundi 28 septembre 2020


Chris Fearne said that, per capita, Malta’s Testing Rate is now among the five highest rates globally.



“This means that COVID-19 Positive patients are detected early to decrease the chances of community transmission,” Fearne said, appealing once again for everyone to continue adhering to the mitigation measures in place, such as the wearing of masks, social distancing and hand hygiene.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that in order for all these swab tests to be carried out, there is a huge chain of people who are working long hours, of people who are answering the 111 calls, of people who are working tirelessly at the swab centres, of people in the laboratories, and of people who then carry out the contact tracing exercise. Fearne also praised the procurement officers who make sure that there would be enough PPE and enough swabs and test kits.



On concluding, the Deputy Prime Minister urged people to download Malta’s Contact Tracing App, COVID ALERT MALTA, as this will definitely help in the testing and the contact tracing process.

The goal of the app, of which there are some 14 different versions in 14 EU countries, is to break chains of infection, as it quickly identifies the persons exposed to a positive individual. Chris Fearne said that the app will not cancel out the manual contact tracing system which has been in place since March, but it will complement the manual contact tracing, which will carry on as usual.



When using this app, a person who would have tested positive will not have to solely rely on his or her memory, and it also works when contacts are unknown to the positive person, again, since Bluetooth technology is used. This is extremely important when a person would have been on a public bus, or in a supermarket or in a public place. Moreover, correct use of the app reduces impact on hospitals and health centres.

The App uses Proximity Tracing, through which the proximity event is recorded when the user is close to other users using the app, with the Proximity being detected through Bluetooth.


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