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“Funk Music Has Always Inspired Our Own Style” – Relikc on Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


Earlier this week, Remy and Ivan from Relikc were Jake’s guests on Malta’s Top 10, and they had a chance to talk about how the band has reinvented itself with new members but always sticking to the same style which we all have grown to love.

In fact, they said that over the past months, they made some changes to their line-up as their main vocalist and their drummer pursued other avenues, with the drummer moving to Australia, and former frontman Keith was replaced by Remy.



When asked about their main influences, Relikc said that they have always been inspired by 70s music and Funk Music, and they commented on how the retro-revival seems to be back in fashion. However, with their latest single, Hate that I Love You, they are giving a fresher vibe, with an 80s feel.

Relikc also said that they are inspired also by Bruno Mars and Charlie Puth.



Given the current situation, Relikc also spoke of the struggle they face as musicians, to try and have it as a full-time job, adding it that they see their music as their passion, and as something that keeps them together, saying also that many musicians, including for example jazz musicians find it hard to turn their passion for music into a full-time job.

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