FINALLY! Sony Announces Release Info and Pricing of the PS5


We cannot believe we had to wait all these weeks since June to finally get this information, just in time for us to start bugging our loved-ones, and finding original ways how to convince everyone that we need the PS5 in our life!

Yesterday, simply saying ‘See You in November!’ PlayStation finally revealed all the release information as well as the pricing for the long-awaited PS5!



The Standard-Disc Console will retail at €499.99, while the Digital Edition will retail at €399.99. While we do not have a date yet, but at least we know that our target-saving date is November 2020 – again – just in time for Christmas!



The PS5 will come with a new gamepad, one that Sony is dubbing the DualSense PS5 controller, not the DualShock 5, like you’d expect. The controller now has a black-and-white colour scheme that is bold – and likely to be divisive.

That’s the confirmed design in the picture above, and it’s closely mirrored by the PS5 console design, as you’ve already seen.



The two-tone PS5 controller colon scheme extends to the four face buttons, which still consist of Triangle, Circle, Square and Cross (or X), but they’re devoid of colour. There is a pop of colour around the side of the central touch-pad, as the PS4 Light bar has moved from the top of the game-pad on the PS5.

And just to remind you about just how awesome it is, just watch this video below!