Survey Finds That Having A Dog In Your Dating Profile Increases Your Chances of Matching


Given the odd times we live in, it’s no secret that some of us might wander off into the occasional dating app for some (well-distanced) fun, but a recent survey has proved that dogs might just be the key to your next romantic success…


selective focus photography of three brown puppies


Okay, hear us out… Honest Paws has recently surveyed 600 singles using dating apps in the US, and found that dog ownership tends to significantly increase one’s chances of finding a potential match!



Per the results, 70% of respondents believe that having a dog in their profile helps them with matches, whilst 60% said they’re more tempted to swipe or like someone who has a dog in their profile picture.


adult black and white Siberian husky beside short-coated brown dog


An editor Samantha Ross shared, ‘Men, in particular, can be seen as committed and trustworthy when they are seen with a pet. In some case studies, men with dogs are more likely to be approached as they are found to be charming and appealing.’



Having a pet also assures a potential partner that you are capable of taking care of another creature.’ 50% of respondents even admitted to using their pets as wingmen when they’re out and about – and honestly, a wise move.


two white and brown dogs


As for which dog breeds faired best, respondents named German shepherds, pit bulls, huskies, labs, and golden retrievers. However, 64% of respondents did say that they could cut ties with someone lying about owning a dog, respectively.

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