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Study Shows That Music Helped People To Cope During Lockdown


According to a new study, people increased their music consumption in order to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Music was crucial in lifting up spirits during the lockdown.



People had to find ways to distract and amuse themselves when we were first placed under lockdown last year, amid the stress and anxiety of the pandemic. Some dug up games they’d never finished, others finally watched that show they’d been meaning to watch for years, and most people listened to music more than ever.



The study, which was published in the journal Psychology of Music, ‘examined individuals’ subjective evaluations of differences in their music listening habits and emotional reaction to music compared to normal times.’



The survey focused on the changes in the amount and context of music listening, changes in the intensity of emotions felt in response to music, and changes in general emotions.


Nearly half of the survey participants said they listened to music more during lockdown, and 51% said it helped improve their mood. Almost half of all respondents said music helped them maintain their energy levels while also relaxing them.


British artists Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles and Dua Lipa were the three biggest-sellers of the year.




What was your lockdown banger? 🤔