Study Shows That Hot Baths And Saunas Prove To Be As Good As Exercising


A new study emerged and it shows that saunas and hot baths have most of the health benefits as exercise.


This research carried out by the Coventry University has found that ‘heat therapies’ are actually as valuable when it comes to raising the core body temperature and improving your fitness levels. As they help in lowering blood pressure and improving control of blood sugar levels.


Hot Baths And Saunas Are Just As Good As Exercising, Study Says


It also proved that it reduces inflammation, although it still cannot be relied upon when it comes to weight loss or improving muscle mass.


The author of the study, Charles Steward said that these findings are significantly relevant for those who can’t get out of the house or an unable to exercise.


Also with exercise adherence being very poor and many people are not willing to exercise due to lack of motivation and time, this is good news!


Hot baths and saunas are actually good for us (Credit: Unsplash)


Volunteers were asked to spend equal amounts of time in hot tubs and cycling in order to find this out.


Infact there were comparable results when it comes to body temperature and heart rates were affected.


Baths and saunas don't aid weight loss, but they can help mimmick some of the other benefits of exercise (Credit: Pexels)


Additionally, regular sauna users had less chance of developing fatal heart disease and weren’t as likely to get dementia.


Not only that, heat therapy could be an antidepressant, too, according to some research – although the results aren’t conclusive.

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