Study Shows That A Blood Test Could Predict Your Baby’s Birth Date


A group of scientists may have discovered a new blood test which gives an accurate prediction of a baby’s due date.


These scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine through research done have found a way to predict when the baby is popping by observing properties in the mother’s blood.



This research was carried out amongst 63 women who gave two or three blood samples in the last 100 days of their pregnancies.


All these women went into labour at similar time frames and doctors where then able to compare their labour date with their blood samples.



Thanks to scientific modelling methods, the researchers were able to determine which features predicted the labour date the best.


Infact blood samples that showed lower levels of chemicals that form blood vessels meant that the placenta and uterus are breaking apart and labour was imminent.


In addition, one protein was the most predictive that a woman was set to go into labour was the IL-1R4, which helps prevent inflammation.



Furthermore, doctor are also able to put control measures by providing medication that matures the baby’s lungs quicker if a woman gives birth earlier.


This will also make the process of labour more bearable for all.



Dr Virginia Winn, associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Stanford stated that this is not a single switch and the body has to go through a lot of preparations.


Currently, the test is thought to give a two-week window but could become more precise as new technology develops.


And should further test go well, the blood test may be implemented in hospitals worldwide in around three years’ time.



As it stands, doctors predict a mum-to-be’s due date by calculating 40 weeks from her last period, as well as looking at the baby’s size.


But the date is rarely accurate, with only around five per cent of babies born when doctors expect.


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