Study Says That Eating Meat Makes Men Feel More Manly


Men eat meat to conform to masculine stereotypes, according to a study carried out by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


person slicing a meat on brown wooden board


After studying 1,706 American men aged 18 – 88, the University study concluded that men eating meat can be seen as an attempt to appear masculine, which totally isn’t going to make me self-conscious every time I order a thick, medium-rare steak!



The study aimed to discover whether there was a connection between male stereotypes and eating habits, which was based on how likely they were to consider a vegan or vegetarian diet. As a result, they concluded that women were more likely to consider meat-free dining habits, and therefore linked meat consumption with an expression of masculine stereotypes.


gray metal tong and grilled meat with fire


Daniel Rosenfeld and Janet Tomiyana, the psychologists responsible for the study, wish to continue studying this link to see if a shift in stereotypes could lead to lower levels of meat consumption. As they wrote in their study, “Understanding gender differences in meat consumption can help strengthen efforts to improve the sustainability of eating patterns”.



If you’re curious to read the study for yourself, it was posted to the academic journal Appetite 


As for me, I personally feel like my love for meat is a direct result of its juicy gloriousness, but that just could be the masculine stereotype in me talking!

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