Study Says Affection From Dogs Is Medicinal

A new study confirmed that affection from dogs can actually be medicinal.

The study states that dogs can help reduce pain from patients in the emergency room within just around 10 minutes. Apart from that, canine affection can also provide optimism for patients and health care providers dealing with health problems.

According the author of the study: “pets are an important part of our health in different ways. They motivate us, they get us up, (give us) routines, the human-animal bond.”

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The study consisted of 200 patients in a control groups. One control group had no intervention for their pain whilst the other one were given 10 minutes with a therapy dog to rate their pain levels before and after. Results showed that the control group who had a dog reported less pain. This study paves the way for new ways in which dogs can help patients integrate better with health care teams. In fact, the experience in the emergency can contribute to the patient’s pain.

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Although some may think of this as a risk of transmitting diseases, health care providers can use dogs in sanitary ways to improve the health care system. “The presence of a therapy dog not only has the benefits of supporting the patient’s experience, but I think it also serves as a comfort to the care providers.”

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