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STUDY FINDS: Short Men Are More Likely To Be Narcissistic

short men narcissistic


Shortie be wildin 👀



While shorter men may think of themselves as “short kings,” a new study suggests that they have more narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies. While we’ve all heard of ‘short man syndrome,’ the obvious confirmation of its existence was published in the Elsevier journal, Personality and Individual Differences.


Hollywood Leading Men, Arranged by Height


Monika Kozowska of the University of Wrocaw in Poland, the study’s principal author, said of the findings: “When people are unable to be physically formidable, they may instead become psychologically formidable.


“Shorter persons who have tendencies like psychopathy might utilize them to gain respect, impose costs on others, and wow romantic partners,” said Kozowska.



“Appearing more powerful may cause others to regard them as taller than they are.”