Study Finds Over 65% Of Pet Owners Would Dump A Partner Their Pet Didn’t Like


In a study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zesty Paws, results found that over 65% of pet owners trust their animals’ instincts more than they trust their family, friends, and themselves.


photo of man hugging tan dog


Turns out, 2 in every 3 Americans will end their relationship if their pet doesn’t approve, according to the research that analysed 2,000 single and dating American pet owners.



Whilst 67% of those in the dating scene agree, 68% said that their pet has the final say in who they date.


white dog and gray cat hugging each other on grass


Meanwhile, 71% trust their pet’s judgement better than their own, 68% trust their pets more than friends, and 67% trust them more than their own family!



Respondents gave different reasons for their pet’s disapproval, including not liking their scent, height, or lack of attention. The most obvious signs included not going near them, clawing/biting, and growling/hissing.


yellow labrador retriever with tongue out


To be liked by a pet, respondents said their partner must be friendly, give behind-the-ear scratches, and give treats.



Steve Ball, CEO of Zesty Paws explained, ‘fur babies use their intuition to check out their parent’s potential date and make sure they ‘approve.’ Their deep emotional connection to their human bestie can, as the data shows, drive their dating decision making.’


white cat sitting on brown couch


69% even said that it’s worse having their pet made at them than their partner being mad at them. And if a potential partner is rude toward a pet, 64% said they could never forgive them!

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