Study Finds Men Experience ‘More Emotional Pain’ Than Women After A Break-Up



Some of the most iconic moments in television and film have come from leading women going through a breakup… I’m talking about everything from Bridget Jones’ Diary and Katherine Heigl movies to renowned bangers like Celine Dion’s All By Myself and literally any Adele album ever…



You know how it goes – wine, ice cream, tears, glow-ups – but it turns out, men feel more deeply than women post-breakup (at least according to the University of Lancaster).


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Psychologists at the institution looked at unknown people who post about their relationship problems on forums. Not only did they want to find out the leading causes of relationship problems, but they wanted to decipher which gender feels ‘the most’ pain after a breakup.



As you may have guessed, communication came in the first place, with many stating they find it hard to discuss relationship issues with their partner. One in eight people also mentioned experiencing trust issues.


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They found that men talked more about the feelings of heartbreak than women, discussing why their relationship ended. They spoke a lot about ‘regret, crying, and heartache’.



Ultimately, they concluded that men are ‘at least as emotionally affected by relationship problems than women’. A psychologist who worked on the study, Dr. Ryan Boyd, revealed that ‘women are more likely to identify relationship problems, consider therapy and seek therapy than men’.


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When you remove the traditional social stigmas against men for seeking help and sharing their emotions, however, they seem just as invested in working through rough patches in their relationships as women,’ he added.



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