Study Finds Dogs Are Gaining “Lockdown Weight” During The Ongoing Pandemic


If you’ve noticed your pup looking a little plump lately, it wouldn’t be surprising if your dog has put on a few lockdown pounds… is it too arbitrary to say ‘same’?


brown and white long coated small dog on red textile


Anyways, a new survey by Guide Dogs has recently revealed that the average dog has put on about 3kg since the pandemic began, with humans having more time and space to give their fur babies more treats and less exercise (and boy, can we relate!)



Dog dads specifically currently own the heaviest pets, with the average male owner having their pet putting on 4kg in a year, in comparison to 2.7kg in dogs owned by women.


brown and white short coated dog biting brown wooden stick


Nearly a quarter of those surveyed put the extra pounds down to snacking, with one in five explainings that they just couldn’t resist their furling’s puppy eyes. Meanwhile, some owners have been using extra treats to keep their pets quiet whilst working from home.



However, a quarter put the weight gain down to taking their dog on fewer walks due to working longer hours, whilst 25% said fear of rising dog theft meant they were taking their pet out less during the pandemic.


black and white miniature schnauzer running on green grass field during daytime


Dr. Helen Whiteside, Head of Research at Guide Dogs explained, Our research has shown that lockdown has had a significant impact on many dogs’ health and wellbeing. And while a little weight gain is not the end of the world, it is important that owners address it as soon as possible, to prevent medical issues.’


‘A healthier dog is a happier dog, so owners should prioritise daily walks, consider healthy treat swaps and check their weight on a regular basis.’, she added.

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