Study Finds Couples Who Constantly Post Selfies Are Less Happy In Real Life


According to a new study – the more you share your relationship online, the less happy you are as a couple in real life. More specifically, couples who take to social media three or more times a week are, on average, 128% unhappier than those who never talk about their relationships online.


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In a survey of over 2,000 18-50-year-olds, couples were asked to rate the overall happiness in their relationships and were asked about overall happiness, intimacy, communication, and trust – and how often they post about their relationship online.



The results show that only 10% of couples who regularly post online are ‘very happy’, whereas nearly half – 46% – of those who don’t share their relationship online are happier.


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Meanwhile, the study suggests that ‘trust issues’ could be causing unhappy couples to post more often on social media, as the number one reason of posting online was to express that they or their partner is ‘taken’.



In comparison, couples who never shared less content ranked themselves as ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’, followed by those who share occasionally, such as on birthdays. However, the unhappiest couples were those who post over 3 times a week, with just a third – 32% – saying they were ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’.


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Martin Stevens of Shotkit – the platform which carried out the survey – shared, ‘We expected there to be some disparities with the survey, but we didn’t know quite how much of a difference it could make, 128% happier is a huge amount!’



‘However, this isn’t to say that all social media sharing is bad, of course not. Perhaps the saying ‘too much of a good thing’ is true in this case. We hope that the research provided some insight, and perhaps food for thought for some people.’, he added.


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Elsewhere, the top 3 reasons behind couples never sharing their relationship online were ‘privacy’, ‘embarrassment’, and ‘not regular social media users. On another note, same-sex couples were most likely to share content to express ‘pride’ whilst straight couples confirmed they do so over trust issues.

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