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Study Finds Being Around Plants Improves Happiness


Good news, plant mums and dads – a study has found that house plants can have a positive effect on our lives, boosting happiness and productivity.



Conducted by The Joy Of Plants, a recent study of 2,000 adults determined what the optimum working environment should look like. This involved a good plant selection (40%), plenty of bright colours (32%) and decorative stationery (27%).


green potted plants on brown wooden seat


Meanwhile, it was found that more than two-thirds of participants believed plants positively impacted their mental health.



Expert botanist and garden designer James Wong even weighed in, saying that being surrounded by plants can indeed boost your mood and wellbeing on account of the green, leafy colour. This simple addition to your home can seemingly calm stress, reduce pain and even improve feelings of self-worth!


area covered with green leafed plants


According to Wong, concentrating on and nurturing a living thing ties in with mindfulness, which helps to alleviate tension or anxiety. ‘being around plants can measurably improve both mental and physical health.’, he remarked.



This study found that three-quarters of adults possess an average of five houseplants, the reasons being because they find them calming (45%), like the way they add colour (44%) and enjoy the improved quality of indoor air (39%).


An additional 36% found that the presence of plants brought them joy. A further 34% found them to have therapeutic powers, while 25% reported that their stress levels were reduced as a result.