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Students Who Did Not Attend School Get The Highest Marks


According to allegations to the teachers’ union, education authorities gave some secondary school students the highest possible evaluation marks in particular courses, despite the fact that the pupils did not attend lessons last year.


Teachers discovered that their Year 11 pupils’ final scores did not match what they had been given by their school, prompting an investigation.



The Malta Union of Teachers stated that the pupils who were given the grades were not there, either physically or digitally, and that the scenario was basically a “slap in the face” to the educational system.


Union president Marco Bonnici, who questioned the legitimacy of the grades, said the matter was especially concerning because instructors were left out of the evaluation process.



He stated that the MUT has forwarded all relevant material to the Education Ministry’s probe, which has begun gathering evidence, and that the union has been notified.


According to a teacher, a notice about this was only sent to heads of schools on June 15. Teachers were notified the next day, before the results were made public.



The purpose for this, according to the teacher, was to prevent having a school-leaving certificate without a mark.



The notice sent to the schools sated: “While acknowledging the unusual nature of the last months which may have prevented some vulnerable students from attending school and sitting for their exams, support is still provided for their progression to post-compulsory education by giving them a projected mark for their Year 11 annual examination.”