Students taking on these courses might be getting a higher stipend

The board of Education is currently discussing the possibility of giving students studying teaching a higher stipend.

Students eligible for this higher stipend would be those studying a Masters in Teaching and Learning in English, Mathematics, Sciences and IT, since they’re the subjects with the highest shortage of teachers.

The higher stipend scheme is one of the measurements being discussed to avoid a lack of teaching staff in the near future.

Ministry of Education Evarist Bartolo shared that this year alone, a 150 students applied for the Masters in Teaching course at the University of Malta.

“I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve got double the number of applicants for the Masters in Teaching and Learning than we had last year, but we’d be lying to ourselves if we thought it were enough.

We need to do more. This new scheme will hopefully entice more students to apply, getting us one step closer to resolving the shortage of teachers issue.”

Following a reform in 2013, students wishing to take on the teaching profession must first complete a course in their area of expertise, and then apply for the Masters in Teaching and Learning in their field.

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