Students Outraged as MATSEC Fails to Deliver an Alternative Plan for September Examination Sessions


Several students are sending out an influx of emails to relevant authorities in order to express their concern about the undecided alternatives for the MATSEC examinations, which are yet to take place in September.

Students sitting for their O-levels, A-levels, and Intermediates, alongside their parents, are furious as they wait for a decision or a statement to be made by the board. They are worried about whether or not the examination sessions will take place as scheduled, what social distancing measures will be carried out, and what alternatives are available for students who might be forced to self-quarantine, due to any COVID-19 related symptoms.



For these reasons and many others, students have collectively sent out many emails. Unfortunately, they all received the same automated reply, reassuring them that ‘Exams will take place as advised and as had been agreed upon by the main stakeholders last March.’, Education Minister Owen Bonnici.



Whilst students, as many others, profoundly understand that this is a troubling time for all of us, a decision must be made so that students will not be left in the dark.