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Struggles That Only Maltese Dancers Will Relate To

Are we human, or are we dancers? Ah yes, the art of dance, which taught me a lot more than I realized it would – like patience, hard work and that keeping every costume from every performance is, in fact, a terrible idea. From 90% of your money going on dancewear and shoes, to never wearing open-toed shoes out in public…here are 18 things only Maltese dancers can understand.

Being seen outside before or after a show with stage makeup

There is a huge difference between stage makeup and regular makeup. HUGE.

Every bone in your body cracks when you stretch

Your splits are better on one side

It’s either good on your right or your left leg, there’s literally no in between.

Realizing you have to pee AFTER you put on your tights and leotard

…and it’s even worse in summer

Owning an infinite amount of bobby pins, yet somehow still end up losing all of them

Quick changes.

Yet nothing is funnier than watching several people undressing and redressing the same person in 2 minutes.

Being able to do an intense 4-minute choreography, but can’t run for shit

Hearing “dance isn’t even a sport”

Well I’d sure love to see YOU give it a go!

Facing many stereotypes if you’re a male dancer

Summer rehearsals in a theatre without AC

…In a long-sleeved costume. Under those scorching spotlights.

When your teacher says “one more time”

It’s never just one more time, is it?

Lounging around in the weirdest positions possible

Being a big fish in a small pond

Living in a smaller country means your opportunities are more limited

Having enough embarrassing photos in ugly costumes to last a lifetime

I had to dress up as a sparkly fish once. I’ll leave it there.

Always having a bruise somewhere

Counting in 8s

“5, 6, 7, 8…”

Hearing a song, you learnt a choreography to means you’re going to go over it in your head

Only sticking your turns when no one’s around to witness it.