Struggles Everyone Starting Second Semester At UOM Is Facing

Even though we only had a few days before jumping into the new semester, we’re back! (yup, already. I know.) That’s right, just when you thought it’s over… it is, indeed, time for even more assignments, even bigger piles of reading material and more studious all-nighter. The struggle is real, so here’s 12 of them…

Having to reconstruct your sleep schedule after exams

The snooze button becomes your best friend once again.

The line between looking presentable and looking homeless for lectures is a fine one…

…But boy do I walk it hard (again)

Watching everyone’s holiday on social media whilst you’re stuck in lectures


Just when you thought exams and assignments were over, you realise that they are not, in fact, over.

And so, you start stressing about the stress you’re going to be stressing about because of stress…

Realizing you’re going to be surrounded by people again for hours on end

Ah yes, the joy of being poor returns

Those cringey introduction ice breakers are also back

Why do I need to share interesting facts about myself with people I don’t even care about?

Yup, time to figure out where all your classes are again!

…And then get lost when you’re already 5 minutes late

When some of your professors convince themselves, the class has actually read the readings posted on VLE

Uhm yeah, no.

Lectures already started being cancelled, yet NO ONE is informed

I woke up early FOR NOTHING

Hoping there’s someone you know in all of your classes

…So, you avoid having to interact with anyone new

Learning some of your units really requires you to attend for a percentage of the final grade