Confirmed: Malta was colder than Manchester over the weekend

Malta has suffered one of the stormiest weekends on record.

Forecasters said Sunday 24 February 2019 is likely to go down in history as one of the wildest days Malta has ever seen.

The Maltese Islands were hit by thunder, hail and heavy rain and strong gales of up to 100km/h in some areas.

Temperatures struggled to reach 11°C in Luqa on Sunday, making Malta as much as six degrees colder than Manchester, Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and Bristol, according to data from BBC Weather.

Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather said: ‘A blast of cold air from Siberia will mean an extremely cold end to this week and start to the next.

‘The Maltese Islands will be colder than many cities across Europe.’

In fact, Saturday was the coldest day of the year so far as overnight temperatures plunged to 3°C with a real-feel of minus 7°C.

The Nadur Carnival was postponed until Thursday because of the strong winds, and the Malta Marathon was cancelled altogether for the first time in the event’s history.

The weekend got off to a bad start when a freak hailstorm left much of Malta looking like a winter wonderland on Saturday.

Hailstones hammered parts of the island.

One of the worst hit areas was Paola where the Hibs Stadium looked more like an ice rink than a football pitch.

The storm covered large parts of Malta in a blanket of white ice in less than an hour.

The Met Office said the stormy weather would fizzle out by Monday morning with plenty of sunshine and milder temperatures returning on Tuesday.