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Storm turns Xemxija Bay into ‘Malta’s boat graveyard’

More than 30 boats anchored in Maltese waters have been smashed by strong winds battering Malta and Gozo.

Several yachts sank under the waves as the blustery conditions whipped up the sea off St Paul’s Bay.

Owners and insurance companies are assessing the damage, which could run into hundreds of thousands of euros.

The winds caused huge waves in Xemxija Bay, wrecking many boats.

Shocking images revealed the extent of the destruction as small boats and yachts were smashed against rocks and sea walls.

Some distraught owners described the scene as a ‘total disaster’ and ‘boat suicide’.

One said: ‘Xemxija Bay has become Malta’s boat graveyard. It’s a complete mess.’

The small breakwater at Veccja Harbour was totally overwhelmed by the force of the sea current.

Nobody was hurt but the police urged people stay away from the area for their own safety.

Photos: Verena Bonello-Cole, Ian Micallef, Nicky Vella