Steven Levi Vella Sits Down With Jake On Homegrown To Discuss Some Hot Topics About The Local Scene


Meet Steven Levi Vella – a director, creative, AND a photographer – who recently sat down on Jake’s Podcast, Homegrown, to discuss how he kick-started his career, how he wound up in the X-Factor, and Eurovision, and the strengths and weaknesses of the local music scene…


Despite the ongoing pandemic, Steven and his projects remained as strong as ever – but his career goes way back to his Uni days when he had started in fashion and art photography. Although he initially set out to study law, he had a change of heart and began studying Communications, which is where he first started to learn about music videos in film.



From then on, Steven’s interest was piqued – so much so that he even did his thesis on music videos. Even though the people around him were a bit sceptical at first, as many people still believe you can’t make a living from your hobbies, Steven reassured us that ‘If you put the work in, things will happen’.


After having worked with Christabelle on her previous Eurovision entry, Taboo, Steven revealed he was approached to be Destiny’s creative director for her music video and stage performance.



Meanwhile, Steven was also the creative director for the second season of Malta’s X Factor, which he deemed to be an incredible experience that ‘gives the Maltese artist a really good platform to grow and understand how things work’.


However, Steven also insisted on how important it is to be careful about who it is that you work with; and that it is absolutely crucial to understand the artist before delving into anything else. As Steven shared, ‘the artist is the driving force’ and if you don’t acknowledge that, then you’re approaching it wrong.



Steven went on to vouch for more understanding, funding, and transparency when it comes to artists and admitted that it’s not easy. In fact, before he picked up several projects, he was managing a restaurant whilst studying at University. However, he also revealed that working with so many different people has truly helped him nowadays, and made him stronger.


Steven went on to urge artists to pinpoint their goals – in other words, to what extent they want to take their art to in the long run. Taking on such a career, as he explained, is challenging and time-consuming. As he remarked, ‘You need to decide what you want to communicate to people. Every artist you look to, like Billie Eilish, has a story to tell… Every good artist has something indistinguishable’.



Nonetheless, Steven insisted that we have as much talent as any other country does. As he put it, ‘the pride you feel when the work comes out as you want it to is indescribable’ and that ultimately, ‘being positive is everything’.

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