Stephen Fry endorses Maltese MEP’s Fight Against Rising Homophobia in Europe


British Actor Stephen Fry has tweeted and shown his solidarity with MEP Cyrus Engerer and his fight against instances of homophobia which is happening in certain European countries at the moment, which is also on the rise.

“Under the guise of a tedious and deceitful “anti woke” sentiment, countries like Hungary and Poland are beginning to strangle the precious rights and freedoms of their LGBTIQ citizens – I stand with brave and good MEPs like Mr Engerer here,” Fry wrote, retweeting Engerer’s tweet, in which he called out “homophobes in Governments” telling them that they “will not make us invisible again!”



Cyrus Engerer’s tweet goes on to tell these people that their attempts “strengthened our resolve & today in the European Parliament we declare #EU as @LGBTIQFreedomZone.”



The Maltese MEP was talking in light of recent events in towns and cities across Poland and Hungary, which have declared themselves as being “free from LGBT+ ideology,” a declaration which had the blessing of the conservative governments in both countries.

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