“Stay at Home, even if you Barely Have any Symptoms” – A Personal COVID-19 Experience


Two weeks ago, Nadine Galea was on stage, on a cruise ship, living her best life, performing around the Caribbean. Her one-week contract turned into two, when all the Caribbean ports started closing.

”Heck, that’s when I realised this Corona issue is now serious,” Nadine says on a Facebook post in which she gives a very detailed description of all that she went through. She says that the little connection which she had with the world was occasional messaging, so she was “blissfully oblivious” to all the details whilst she was performing (and sunbathing).

When Nadine was finally on her way back to London, a friend of hers told her that she has the virus and is isolating in their London home, so Nadine decided to stay in a hotel to avoid catching it.



Nadine took the morning flight to Malta some two days later – having been given some sound advice from her friends, who are doctors – “just pretend you have it even if you have 0 Symptoms.”

“So I stayed away from people, asked the hotel to leave meals behind the door, and upon landing in Malta went straight into quarantine all by myself (A massive thanks to the super kind John McDonough for helping me find a place!). “Parents express delivery” left me food on the door step every few days, seeing them only from behind the glass window,” Nadine says.



Nadine, is a self-confessed hygiene-obsessed person. She said that she “never touched my face while travelling, hand gel non stop (that’s the norm for me, always have one in my bag!), washed my hands every time I saw a bathroom, cleaned the seats passport, phone, tray table and all the hotel room surfaces!”



Then it started…

“Then it started, that first night in Malta I had night sweats, muscle tiredness, the occasional mild cough and over sleeping; I thought that’s just my period and having slept in an unfamiliar place.”

“Night sweats happened again the day after and never again.”

“The end of my 14-day quarantine started approaching, so in discussion with my close friends (doctors) we thought, hey nothing to lose, get swabbed, even if my only symptom was the occasional mild cough that goes away with a glycerine sweet!”

“The same day of my swab test, 2 days ago, I get the dreaded call that I tested positive, woah! I only did it for my peace of mind so I can see my parents!”



Nadine’s Advice

“I’m glad I took my friends’ advice and pretended I had it even with barely any symptoms AND SO DO YOU!

Stay home and pretend you have it especially if you’re young, and like me, have barely any symptoms! But don’t stress, I don’t feel ill, just need lots of sleep and water! I only took paracetamol once the past month, and the irony; it’s for the pain in my nose from the swab test, not for corona symptoms.”

Nadine is working remotely from home, recording for her clients, giving Skype Lessons and even receiving requests for special songs dedicated to that special someone in anyone’s life. We have to admit, her positivity is addictive and is something we can all truly learn from.


Nadine performing with Louisa Johnson on The X Factor (UK) some years ago

Malta, you exceeded my expectations!

“Last but not least, Malta you exceeded my expectations;  a doctor is calling me every day, and the police came 4 times to check that I’m observing quarantine. Well done and keep it up!”

“Let’s all fight this together so we can save lives, doctors are really our heros, can’t thank Desiree Seguna & Jessica Spiteri enough for all their advice! And as for me and my colleagues, we can’t wait to get back on that stage to entertain you all in person.”

On behalf of all us, we would like to thank Nadine for sharing her experience, showing us exactly that having this virus is not something that should lead to stigmatisation of individuals. Through experiences such as Nadine’s we can all learn, and take a few pointers, for us to remain safe, and for us to keep our families safe.



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