Stages all Maltese Students go Through during Christmas Holidays

Unless you’re one of those people that can actually, *scoffs*, manage their time properly, I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced/are currently in one of these phases.


We all have the intention of relaxing the first few days, you know, to compensate for the emotional disaster that was the previous term, and then catching up on those soon approaching deadlines and exams that you haven’t yet done anything about.

Emphasis on intention.


As we planned, the first few days of the holidays are occupied with Christmas parties and reunions which obviously means you have to catch up on Christmas gift shopping cause I mean you can’t go empty handed, duh.

And it’s FINE because this self-care book said scheduled breaks are important.

They meant weeklong breaks, right?

The food coma

So, Christmas has come and gone and here we are, a few kilos later.

You try to keep your word and get to work, but 5 minutes after sitting at your desk …

Yes, we said we’d get started on work after Christmas but with all those carbs in your body all you can do is sit and watch Home Alone for the 18396th time … and eat more.

But it’s OK, it’s been a rough term/year/decade. You deserve the break.

New Year’s Eve

Before you know it, New Year’s Eve’s come around too and YOU JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO START WORKING cause you have to spend the whole day getting ready for that New Year’s party, duh.

^ transforming yourself into someone presentable after recovering from the food coma.

New Year, New Me

Ok, Uni starts again in a week and we’ve gotten a total of 0 work done. BUT THERES STILL TIME TO TURN THINGS AROUND.

So now you’re working, slaving away. It feels like hours have passed. You check the time … and it hasn’t even been 30 minutes.

Then you think to yourself, you should probably get started on those New Year’s Resolutions. Then one thing leads to another and the last few days of your holidays are filled with gym sessions and Spanish Duolingo lessons.


20 panettones later, you realise your holidays are actually ending in like two days and all that work we were planning on doing … it’s not done.

Suddenly, you’re a working machine. You’re typing left and right and somehow, all those assignments due in a few hours? Done and dusted.

Wow, what a productive da-

What? What’s that … Exams? … no, we won’t talk about exams.

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