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Squid Game Star Charged With Sexual Misconduct

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Actor Oh Yeong-su from the Squid Game has been charged with indecent assault after receiving complaints that he touched a woman’s body inappropriately.


In December of last year, Oh received a report from the alleged victim. According to the Yonhap news agency, when authorities closed the case in April, the victim requested that it be reopened. When questioned by the prosecution, Oh refuted the claims.



“I just held her hand to guide the way around the lake. I apologized because [the person] said she wouldn’t make a fuss about it but it doesn’t mean that I admit the charges,” Oh said in a statement to Korean broadcaster JTBC.


Last year, Yeong-su expressed regret to the alleged victim, but he stated that he did so only because the woman assured him that ‘she wouldn’t make a fuss about it’. He further emphasized that his apology ‘doesn’t mean that I admit the charges’.