Spotted: Snake on a Maltese bus

Snake on Maltese bus

Let’s just say that we’ve seen our fair share of strange things while making our way from point A to point B using public transport here in Malta.

Fights breaking loose, more fights breaking loose. And well, most times you have to make small talk with the person next to you, who you don’t know, for a good half hour.

But it seems like this young lady right here has cracked the code to not only not having to make small talk with anyone next to you, but also ensure that no one sits right next to you, or the seats surrounding you … just get your pet snake and travel around the island with it snuggling up around you.


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What really baffled me here, is the comments with heart eye emojis.

Not to worry though … as Michele, the one holding the snake, seems to be a vet, so she perfectly knows what she’s doing.

Doesn’t really put me more at ease though. I mean, I’m sure that reptile lovers would be in a for a treat … be tempted to pet it almost … but for those amongst us who are afraid of even a cockroach, let alone a giant snake hanging around a passenger’s torso … let’s just say we, in particular me, am very glad I wasn’t on that bus.

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