SPOTTED: Pony Randomly Makes Its Way to Zurrieq Car Park

“Min ckuniti xtaqt li kelli ziemel, izda flus biex nixtrieh ma kellix.

Mort staqstejt lid-daddy, ghedtlu daddy tini l-flus ha nixtri ziemel pls.

Qalli son jekk trid il-flus mur ahdem, jekk trid tixtri ziemel gemma alih

Ghaliex jien mhux ha ntik penny, biex tixtri l poni….”

Don’t know if you know about Xtruppaw’s timeless classic ‘Dear Poni’ but every time I spot a pony, anywhere, that song comes to mind … like instantly.

And well, one parking attendant in Zurrieq got a cute visit today by an unexpected guest.

Look how cute it is!!

No one knows who the pony belongs to, all we know is that it’s absolutely adorable.

Tag someone who might’ve lost their pony and is looking for it.

Photo credits to TVM

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