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SPOTTED: Someone left their dentures underneath a Maltese bus seat

People misplace things all the time. We lose the most random of things in the most inappropriate places … but nothing could possibly prepare us for a post that has been doing the rounds on our socials.

Someone just casually went and lost their dentures on a Maltese bus … and whoever found them is determined to reunite the lost dental piece with their rightful owner.

… We just hope it doesn’t come back to bite him *budum tis*

Now, if we were to think this through rationally, there are a number of reasonable options as to why these dentures were left stranded.

Maybe the poor soul who lost them was on their way to the dentist to get them fixed. Or even worse, just had them fixed and was on their way home, to enjoy a hearty meal.

What we think? Well we can’t help but imagine it going something like:

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