SPOTTED: Cat Road Signs Have Popped Up In The North Of Malta

So, we know about hedgehog signs, and over Christmas last year, we even spotted road signs with reindeer and Santa Clause on them (we hope they reappear this year cos God knows we’ll be needing the Christmas spirit) … and now it would seem that road signs with cats on them have also been spotted in northern areas of the island.

The logical explanation behind this is that stray cats frequent the area, so the signs are warning drivers to be cautious of any cats that may randomly cross the road.

Attention Cats passing! Mellieha, Manikata, Ghadira u Selmun (Malta).This is very nice! Thanks!

Publiée par Mila Mar Ivanov sur Mardi 25 août 2020

The person who spotted the signs even confirmed. You’ll come across these signs in Mellieha, Manikata, Ghadira and Selmun.

Given that many of Malta’s roads are quite frequented by felines, it might also be a way of showing people that if they want to feed the strays, this place would be a great place to do so.

Now that’s a great initiative, isn’t it?