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Spotify now wants to Suggest Songs…Based on your Emotions

Spotify has patented technology, which will allow it to analyse your voice, and suggest songs and playlists, purely based on your “emotional state, gender, age, or accent”.

Although it was filed in 2018, this patent was granted just last month, and it will allow the streaming giant to “make observations” about a user’s environment and emotions using speech recognition technology.

Spotify could then play music reflecting their mood or even their social setting – “e.g. alone, small group, party,” according to the patent.

“It is common for a media streaming application to include features that provide personalized media recommendations to a user,” explained Spotify in its application.

However, it continued, the current approach for discerning a user’s tastes is unsatisfactory, because it requires them “to tediously input answers to multiple queries” about their age, gender and favourite bands.

This is not the first ultra-modern technological innovations that Spotify has patented over the past year.

In September, it patented a karaoke-like feature that allows people to “overlay a music track with their own vocals”. And also in January, it gained permission for a “cadence-based media content selection engine” – which matches the tempo of your music to your running speed.