Spotify Just Released The World’s Favourite Lockdown Songs…Can We Talk?


One of the apps which is definitely in overdrive in these challenging times is Spotify – and a couple of days ago the World’s Favourite Lockdown Songs have been released and we really need to talk!

So, whether it’s whilst cooking, or gardening, or in a street party, or in a balcony rave this is what the world has been listening to!


1. TOXIC – Britney Spears

Much in the spirit of spring cleaning, many are using this time of self-isolation to filter out the toxicity of their friends list. Guess it’s only fitting to blast out this banger, to really get you into the spirit


2. STAYING ALIVE – The Bee Gees

Pretty much everyone’s life mission at the moment.



Just obeying what Professor Charmaine Gauci is telling us – If you touch this, make sure it’s wiped down, disinfected and left in a separate room for three days.



Don’t Stand So close to me hi, ghax jigi il-Police. You couldn’t make this up, even if you tried!


5. I WILL SURVIVE – Gloria Gaynor

First we were afraid, we were petrified – Go COVID Go, Walk Out the Door, Don’t Turn Around Now, Cause You’re Not Welcome Anymore!



6. MASK OFF – Future

Ara biss ifettillek!!!


7. WORK FROM HOME – Fifth Harmony, Ty Dolla $ign

Yes, well, aren’t we all?


8. SURVIVOR – Destiny’s Child

That’s right, we are survivors, we’re gonna make it, we will survive, keep on surviving!


9. FEVER – Peggy Lee

Once a song for bedroom preliminaries, has now become a symptom identifier.


10. HARDER TO BREATHE – Maroon 5

Our sentiments exactly as we walk into a shop to buy a carton of milk.


The list continues, with other telling hits such as Every Breath You Take, It’s The End of the World As We Know It and Can’t Feel My Face, but for all the latest hits head over to the BAY PLAYER or ask your smart speaker to play Eighty-Nine Point Seven Bay and you are sorted for days!

In the meantime, stay safe, always!

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