Spectacular rainbows grace the skies over Malta

Social media users have been left stunned after a perfectly formed double rainbow brightened up the sky above Malta.

The bold colours were seen across the Maltese Islands, with some workers even posting pictures from their office windows in Valletta, Msida, Dingli and Paola on Thursday morning after a rain shower.

Despite being a common occurrence, the multi-coloured arc caused a stir on Facebook and Instagram, with many users expressing their delight at seeing the spectrum of light.

A double rainbow was also visible in some parts of Malta, with many joking about where the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was likely to be.

Rainbows are caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water drops, and create a spectrum of coloured light which usually forms in a multicoloured arc.

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Double rainbow over Dingli Secondary School… ?

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Bongu Msida!

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Thursday’s rain came after sensationalist online reports predicting that a hurricane could hit Malta were branded ‘fake news’.

Professional weather forecasters insisted that claim made by an amateur weather page on Facebook was ‘nonsense’.

The Met Office in Luqa said Thursday’s weather would be ‘cloudy with showers during the day with rather strong to strong westerly winds and a high of 14°C’.

Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather added: ‘We’re here to assure you that nothing exceptionally severe will be affecting us this week.

‘We’ve been inundated by messages asking whether another page’s claims are true or not.

‘We will only experience a strong wind and some showers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

‘We appeal to other weather pages to not create panic among the general public for no reason whatsoever.

‘Also, we appeal to all news websites to not fall for these sensational posts.’

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