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Spain Will Be Trialling A Four-Day Working Week


Looks like Spain might be rejoicing as early as this autumn, as their government has just agreed to pilot a new programme… a four-day working week! I mean just imagine… Thursday would become the new Friday!



Basically, the proposed plan of a shorter working week is aimed to boost employment and increase productivity during working hours and was put forward by Más País, a small political party. It was officially accepted by Spain’s government.


Back in 2019, a study carried out by Trades Union Congress found that those in countries with shorter working weeks tend to be more productive, such as Denmark, which has the shortest working week of all yet is 23.5% more productive than say, the UK.


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Más País’ argument is basically centred on the fact that working more hours doesn’t mean working better. Plus, ‘Spain is one of the countries where workers put in more hours than the European average. But we’re not among the most productive countries,’ as the party’s president Errejón said.


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In the proposal, Más País has set out a three-year pilot that would cost about €50 million. The government will cover 100% of costs or losses companies incur by this and will reduce to 50% in the second year and 33% in the final.