South Korea Has Created An E-Tattoo Which Produces Electricity Through Touch


Have you ever made yourself super comfy in bed and all of a sudden you remember that you forgotten to turn off the light? Then this e-tattoo could be the answer to your problems.


South has successfully created an e-tattoo that can produce electricity which is made from nanofiber paper sticker made of silk protein, which only works when attached to a human or robot.


Ajou University's e-tattoo (Ajou University)


With this method, people do not need to go through the pain of an actual one either, as the e-tattoo is applied to your skin like a non-permanent transferable one.


The tattoo can be then, activated by touch and is able to turn LED lights on or run small electric devices such as stopwatches.



This design follows the one created by Saarland University in Germany where they created an e-tattoo that you can control your smartphone through.



However, these e-tattoos weren’t just made to turn lights on and off. Other designs are supposedly able to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, hydration or blood sugar levels.



In fact, researchers from Harvard and MIT designed one that is able to track a person’s hydration and glucose levels would be useful for those with diabetes.



Whilst another team of South Korean researchers created a medical one that detects body temperature and the PH/chemical composition of the sweat of the person.



It has been thought that future devices could go lead to diagnose conditions such as heart-related problems including that of premature babies, sleep disorders and brain activities.

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