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Sony Announces Its First PlayStation 5 Restock!


Looks like you’ve got a second shot at getting your hands on the PlayStation 5 because Sony Rewards has just announced its very first restock for the new year!



Yep, the next-gen console for 2021 has officially been restocked. This is also the very first real replenishment of the PS5 since its initial release, which literally took over the world with eBay bids reaching thousands.



Yep, people were even bidding on just the box of the console, and bids for the PS5 reached nearly 17,000 euros! Pretty insane, right?


PS5 UK console pre-orders selling for £7000 on eBay | Metro News


Anyways, no specifics have been revealed yet, but the announcement on Twitter does note that a post at a later date will be revealing more restock information!


So, gamers, I suggest you turn on your post notifications.