Someone just created a pastizzi salad, and we are lost for words

Us Maltese people have a gift. We can literally take any healthy food option, and make it severely unhealthy, with an addition of a simple ingredient, without even trying that hard.

Well ladies and gents, we may have just found the mother of all Maltese salads. A way of convincing ourselves, that our January diet is running smoothly, because as long as its a salad, then it must be good for the body.

Someone named Onaka Ippai just posted a pastizzi salad on a popular Facebook page, Malta pastizziposting, and we just have no words.


Firstly, you can’t deny, it looks amazing. And if pastizzi cost around 60c per pastizz, imagine how much money you’d save making this!

I’m gonna give y’all a minute to digest this beautiful creation.

To whoever made this, thank you for the ingenious idea.

Who needs croutons when you’ve got pastizzi topping your greens and veggies?

Tag someone who needs to try the latest trend to be possibly hitting the Maltese islands: the pastizz salad.

And now, the question that truly matters: pizelli or irkotta?

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