‘Solidarity Meals’ is Feeding 500 Maltese Families and Individuals Struggling During Covid-19

Come dinner or lunch time, most of us are lucky enough to find a warm plate of food waiting for us at the dinner table. But for some, especially during these difficult times, providing food for their family and themselves is proving to be a challenge.

Alfred Mizzi Foundation launched its ‘Solidarity Meals’ initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide a hearty meal to all families and individuals that are struggling during the Corona Virus crises in Malta.

So far, in a span of 10 days, the ‘Solidarity Meals’ initiative has provided meals for 500 people around the island.

Alf. Mizzi & Sons Marketing Ltd in collaboration with Caritas Malta and Vecchia Napoli have been aiding the initiative. Since restaurants were forced to close due to Covid-19, Vecchia Napoli’s kitchen and chefs are being utilised as an area where these meals can be prepared.

Menus are changed every week to ensure that those eating the meals are getting a full and balanced diet which includes not only food, but also bread and fruit.

‘Solidarity Meals’ chair person Julian Sammut shares that the main aim of this initiative is to make sure these people have the strength required to battle out this virus, should they ever be in that position.

Food is transferred from the kitchen in which they are made, to different hubs around the island. Caritas Malta volunteers then proceed to distribute the meals to these people’s homes.

Mr Sammut shares, that at the moment they are in a position where they an feed up to a thousand people for another two or three months, as part of the initiative. “After that we might need to get some help if we want to keep the project going, although I am certain that if that were the case, we would be sure to find some people or companies that would love to lend a hand,” he shares with an allied newspaper.

Photo credits to: Illum

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