Solar Pavements Are Being Installed Across Maltese Localities


Renewable energy has undeniably evolved as a fundamental part of the future of Maltese landscapes – and now, Malta is getting its first solar pavement in Għeriexem road in Rabat!



This will pave the way for other similar projects to take place across different localities in Malta and Gozo for a more sustainable future. The pilot project will aim to use light to bring about electricity across the promenade and positively result in new solar pavements.



Solar pavements are an example of innovative structures leading to sustainable road infrastructure, which will work wonders in Malta, given the warm temperatures throughout the year.


Solar pavement with conventional modules for the Port of Valencia – pv magazine International


The news was announced by Infrastructure Malta CEO Fredrick Azzopardi, who took to Twitter to share the news and a few photos, indicating a hopeful increase in solar pavements across the Maltese Islands in the near future!



The 40 sq.m footpath on the promenade consist of between 30 and 40 photovoltaic panels, which is expected to power about 40% of the road’s lighting.


As a result, roughly 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be decreased from the atmosphere.

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