So… Who Exactly Is Eligible For Those €100 Vouchers?

Over the past couple of days, there has been a lot of confusion about these €100 vouchers that residents in Malta were promised.

While some are now saying that only Maltese residents will be entitled to them, it seems like there’s more to it than that.

For security purposes, the distribution of these vouchers will be based on the General Election Electoral Register – which means that anyone over 16 who has the right to vote within the country will be getting a €100 euro to spend at local business sometime this week. The vouchers will be delivered through Malta Post…

“This voucher represents money (not a cheque) that can be spent directly in qualifying establishments in our country,” the Maltese government said earlier this week.

So what about all of those who can’t technically vote, but have been contributing to the Maltese economy just as much as the next Maltese bloke?

The government also clarified that, with these (electoral) addresses, there was also an updated list of holders of residence documents according to the Identity Malta database. So if you hold a residency document in Malta, then you can expect these vouchers sometime in the next week.

The €100, which will be sent in five €20 individual vouchers, will be delivered via Maltapost at the addresses indicated in the Electoral Register and the Identity Malta database..

The notion that foreigners would not be entitled to these vouchers was met with a lot of anger. In fact, one restaurant in particular – Fat Louie’s is giving all foreigners in Malta a 50% discount on their food for the entire month of July.

Maybe other restaurants will follow suite?

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