So, the Crazy Frog had his penis out the whole time


Do you remember the Crazy Frog, the animated character turned “musician” that dominated the airwaves in the early-2000s? Well, almost 2 decades after his original debut, people have made an unsound revelation that he has had his penis out all this time.



We first met him as “The Annoying Thing” in his rendition of the Axel F theme from Beverly Hills Cop in 2003. However, it soon blew up to be more than that.


The song was eventually picked up by ringtone company Jamba, who renamed it “Crazy Frog” in 2005. The frog’s infamous genitalia was also edited out from the original video and reuploaded for monetisation purposes.


Crazy Frog


The edited video still went viral on YouTube, having racked up over 2.4 billion views to date, while other videos that resurfaced just last year still managed to garner over 100 million views.


He managed to go viral again in 2021 because many people online realised that the Crazy Frog had debuted with his wang on full display.


Well, that’s our childhood ruined, how about you?



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