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SNEAK PEEK: Malta Air To Get Its First Boeing 737 MAX


Boeing, an aerospace company, has officially started to assemble the first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for Malta Air, and will be delivering it in Malta Air’s red-and-white, Maltese attire!


First Malta Air Boeing 737 MAX being assembled - Newsbook

Photo Credits: Ryanair/MaltaAir


The airplane was certified for safety by the US late last year, after having been grounded for a few months.


Malta Air livery

Photo Credits: Ryanair/MaltaAir


Malta Air is a subsidiary of Ryanair and thus far, has operated six older versions of the Boeing 737, which remain in the blue and yellow livery of the renowned low-cost airline. Ryanair currently has 210 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order.



An enthusiast recently took to Twitter to share a photo of the red and white winglets of Boeing 737 MAX with ‘Malta’ painted on both sides.



The MAX has now returned to service in the US and South America, and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) also plans to authorise the aircraft to start flying again next week!