Snacks from The 2000s That Will Bring Back Some Serious Nostalgia

It’s officially 2020, which means we have entered the decade of the roaring 20s and soon enough, we’ll be 2 decades past the 2000s.  Ah yes, the 2000s… a time where MSN was still a thing, many poor fashion choices were made, and Red Bull was all the rave, thanks to ‘Mean Girls’. The 2000s also had some pretty iconic snacks, most of which are no longer around, or their popularity drastically died down Here are some foods from that decade that are bound to take you on a trip down memory lane…


Possibly one of the most memorable snacks of the 2000s is the ring pop. You either bought these to see what fun colour they’d paint your tongue, or to pretend you’re getting married (but ironically, it’s still the only diamond I can afford…)


Now these were the elite of sugar rushes. We all know the procedure… you lick the lollipop and dip into the different flavours – it’s basically a white stick of sugar that you just dip into more sugar.

What could possibly go wrong with that?


Although these were discontinued around 2010, they recently made a comeback and I for one, am totally here for it. There was nothing better than finding one of these in your lunchbox at school.


There was nothing more amusing as a kid to have a delicious lollipop that also made noise. Mind-blowing.


Bubble gum used to be a pretty big deal, and everyone bought it (even though you could only taste it for like 20 seconds). You’d either get the standard wrapped bubble gum, or the bubble tape – either way, it was always a competition to see who could blow the biggest bubble.


Chalky sugar never tasted so good. Candy Sticks are the epitome of classic candy in a box, but they caused a lot of controversy and are now banned in most countries, so unfortunately, it’s hard to get your hands on this nostalgic treat nowadays.


This tiny-toast-shaped cereal was discontinued for a while in the late 2000s, but launched again a few years ago. No breakfast compared to the sugar high French Toast Crunch gave you.


You probably bought this at catechism growing up. These sugar puffs practically taste like air and sugar (and yes, all colours did taste the same).


This was another snack you’d find at your catechism or school’s tuck shop, which was practically just sugared rice paper but hey, we loved it anyways.

Do you miss any of these vintage snacks? Let us know in the comments!

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