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Smart Meters Melt Due To High Power Surge In Mqabba

This is seriously dangerous 😨


Home Owners association shared some alarming images of burnt out power meters in Imqabba, after a sudden power surge that went though.


As a result of the intense heat, the electrical service panels began to emit sparks, which, in turn, caused the water main to start dripping over the panels, exacerbating the situation.


In response to this hazardous situation, the Civil Protection Department (CPD) and technicians from Enemalta were promptly called to the scene. Their immediate objective was to control the smoke and prevent any potential fire from erupting.


As a precautionary measure, the residents in the affected area were also evacuated to ensure their safety.


This incident happened this early afternoon, following the power cut issues Malta has been experiencing. The meters melted and would need to be completely replaced.