Singer Matthew James Releases New Song: ‘Wrong Reasons’


Maltese singer Matthew James just released his new song called ‘Wrong Reasons’. ‘Wrong Reasons’ was written, performed and produced by Matthew James himself. Local music producer Micimago mixed and mastered the track whilst DOP Ricky Bugeja took the movie magic into his hands.



Despite having a busy two months producing tracks for Season 3 of the X-Factor, Matthew James took no breaks and jumped onto releasing his new song. Matthew James presented the build up of his release in the form of a Political Campaign parody lead by fictitious politician Mike Cocker.



“It was fun getting into Mr. Cocker’s character. I know I’m not gonna change the world with a song, but I’m hoping that my contribution will get a realistic message through in a musical,  entertaining and fun way. In desperate times, when the feeling of helplessness takes over, it is often wise to simply laugh it off!  In no way is this a method of selfish escapism;  satire may sometimes reveal more truth to society than any other form of current public speaking.” – Matthew James



‘Wrong Reasons’ can be found on all streaming platforms and on Matthew James’ social media pages.