Simpler Names Make You More Likeable


Looks like being simple isn’t such a bad thing after all!

A new study suggests that if a person’s name is easily pronounced, the more likely people are to favour them!



Adam Alter, a psychologist from New York University claims that “when we can process a piece of information more easily, when it’s easier to comprehend, we come to like it more.”



Fluency, the concept that the brain prefers information that is simple to use, dates back to the 1960s, when researchers discovered that individuals preferred images of Chinese characters that they had seen many times before.



Since then, researchers have looked into the additional roles that names play, as well as how and to what extent they influence our judgment.



According to studies, individuals can anticipate a person’s income and education based just on their first name. Childhood is maybe the most common ground for name research: boys with female names are more likely to be suspended from school. And the less common a name is, the more probable it is that a child would become disobedient .