Shrubs stolen just hours after being planted in Zebbug

Malta Police are searching for a thief with green fingers after a number of shrubs were stolen from the roadside in Zebbug.

The plants had been in the soil for just a few hours before they were dug up and carted off.

Zebbug Local Council said 40 shrubs were planted in a flower bed in Eugenio Borg Steet on Thursday evening.

By Friday morning, there were only 32 left with eight holes in the ground.

One Zebbug councillor said: ‘It’s an odd thing to steal. ‘When I rang the police, I said ‘you are not going to believe this’.’

‘All that hard work, expense, and gone.’

News of the bizarre theft soon went viral on social media.

One Facebook user posted: ‘People should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously! How greedy and selfish can people be?’

Another wrote: ‘What a disgrace. Some people have no respect.’

One Zebbug resident added: ‘Not surprised. Any flower I planted in a pot outside our door got stolen each time.

‘They were cheap €1.50 plants. Since then, I planted a cactus. No-one has bothered taking that.’

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